Six Month Achievments

If this is your first time here, you can find out more about what we do by clicking HERE to see what this is all about.  For those of you who are already a part of this journey, this is our six month anniversary if you can believe it.  So we went through all we have been able to do in our first six months of this journey so we can all look back on the accomplishments we have had.  Thank you for being a part of the following:

Missional Church (Unearthed):

  • Planned out a 3 month Missional Church experiment
  • Carried out 3 month experiment successfully
  • We now have a weekly meeting to explore missional lifestyle together as a community.
  • Gathered and distributed blankets, painted Higher Grounds, caroling at a nursing home
  • Did some spontaneous ‘service as worship’ events that helped us move toward selflessness as well as a realization of Christianity as a lifestyle and not as an event.
  • Started a missional community leadership group for training and encouragement
  • Developed a sustainable ministry model to help guide and keep us on track in missional ministry.

Our missional ministry (The Farm):

  • Empowered youth to partake in active faith by:

                  o    Helping make the videos
                  o    Organizing photos
                  o    Collecting Cans
                  o    Making mall employees goodies baskets at Christmas
                  o    Invited to our church ‘service as worship’ events
                  o    Connecting with kids at the skate park during open business hours
                  o    Helping see the Saturday snowboard shuttle as a way to connect with                             new kids in our community that are in the snow culture

  • Started an in-depth Bible study at The Farm for kids that want to go further in their studies of the Bible.
  • Started the shuttle which runs 9 or 10 kids a week to the mountains for snowboarding and making a locals’  snowboard video.

                   o    We have had some great ‘love as worship’ events during the shuttle                             time and we have had some great discipleship opportunities with kids                             on the shuttle.

  • Entered into plans to build an indoor snowboard park.  Currently working on the deal to receive the land in a 30 year lease for free.
  • Entered into planning a 5 week program to offer truancy and parole officers for next year.  The program will provide all needed equipment to teach 10 kids to snowboard, teach them a life value each weekend while snowboarding, and teach them the spiritual connection to the life value each week.
  • Added an additional day to when we are open run completely by volunteers. (Saturday)

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