our financial support

For us, this is about community.  Jesus said it’s all summed up in two things, love God, love others.  We cannot do this without you, whether that means you pray for us and what we are doing, you join us in what we are doing, or you financially support* the movement (or all of the above is beautiful, too).  But please, come with us on this journey in whatever way you feel that God is calling you to.

*We recognize this is not a journey that is something to do on the side.  We desire to put all our efforts into helping this movement begin which requires us to raise financial support.  If you would like to join this effort by supporting us and allowing us to put all our efforts into moving us all forward, we have a few options.

You can send a check to Christ Community Church at 1301 15th Street, Greeley, CO  80631.  Please include a note with your check indicating it is to support Jeff Neel.

We can setup automatic withdraws from your bank account.  Click here to do that now.

Or, click Donate Now to donate on Northern Colorado Youth for Christs page.  PLEASE SELECT ‘JEFF’ FROM THE DROP DOWN MENU ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE.

Donate Now


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