Ministry Minute New Bible Study

14 09 2010

Ministry Minute New Bible Study from NCYFC on Vimeo.

Exciting area of new interest in a Bible study we want to do. But we need some prayer. Please watch to learn what to pray about.


Ministry Minute

14 09 2010

Ministry Minute Hot Dog Cart from NCYFC on Vimeo.

I have felt God leading me toward starting residual income projects for ministry and our first one is about to launch. Watch for more details.

Drug and Alcohol Pilot Program

18 05 2010

In looking for ways to best position our resources with organizations in our county doing hands-on drug and alcohol prevention work with youth we discovered some shocking news.  No one can use our resources to assist their drug and alcohol prevention programs because no one is doing these programs.  We even have some people in Greeley as trained presenters of an evidence based curriculum in this area, but no one is using these resources.  Well this looked like a huge open door for us that I’m jumping through now.

So after a couple meetings where I discovered this news I went back to my office and drafted a proposal for a pilot program to take our resources and the ones in the county not being used and spear head getting a hands-on program going.  The idea is to have kids come to our facility and have the curriculum presented by a trained presenter and then let them use our video equipment to develop a skate video communicating the information they learn in the program.  I sent the proposal to the head of Weld County Prevention Partners and she loves it and is willing to get us the curriculum and pay the presenter if we can find one.  She is also helping us find a presenter from the pool of people already trained in this program–a program that actually partners with the local school district’s health curriculum which is why we have some trained presenters in the area.

We are still in need of $6500 to pay for some equipment for the program which we have some grants out in hopes of winning one to get this program off the ground.  Once we secure these funds we will then conduct the pilot program taking pre and post survey data to show the effectiveness of the program to pursue future funding on a larger scale.  This has the potential of giving us the platform as the most active organization in drug and alcohol prevention in the county hopefully building bridges into the lives of families and organizations that give us a greater chance to share the gospel.

Please pray for this program to get funded and become a success in reducing the pain youth and their families go through when drugs and alcohol become a problem.

Thank you for making it possible for me to pursue this program as we join to impact our community this way.

Love, The Neels.

Ripened Fruit

31 12 2009

In ministry you have times when you must remind yourself often that even when you don’t know exactly what He is doing you are working for God .  You may not know how your efforts are being used by God, but you move forward in faith knowing God will use your efforts as He deems fit and possibly some day you will see how it fits together.  And then their are the other times like we have had recently.

I can’t tell you why God does this sometimes and not at others, but He will give me a glimpse into the incredible fruit He is growing from the efforts I’ve been offering.  I guess I probably need these times every now and again just to keep me going even though I really try to focus my efforts on serving God no matter the outcome.  Well, as of late I’ve been seeing fruit in places I wasn’t sure what was happening.

When it comes to youth ministry, you can only be as effective as you are able to impact the family and not just the kid.  As we have embraced this, I’ve been doing what I can to really connect with the parents of the kids I’ve already built relationships with.  During this time, we have had parents come to dinners at our house, call for us to help with difficult situations with their children, and even had a parent join their child during our Bible study at The Farm.  Also, as I’m getting to know the parents more, I’m getting to hear from them the perspective of what they see is happening in their kids due to our ministry and I’m getting to hear their gratification for our involvement in their family.  This has truly been life giving to me.

Also, on Friday nights we have a Bible study between sessions.  We purposely haven’t had any prep time like reading before and discussing when you get their so no matter when a kid decides to join they feel like they are in the same place as everyone else in the Bible study.  We simply take a chapter of the Bible and read it pausing to discuss whatever pops out at the kids giving direction in the discussion.  This has been great because the kids get to talk about what they really feel rather than us predetermining a topic that may or may not be relevant to them.  I saw some great fruit from this last week when I thanked a couple kids for coming to the Bible study  (which they drove from out-of-town to be at The Farm) between sessions and they said, “No problem, it’s actually why we come.”  YES!!!!!!

But my favorite fruit is one I long to see often.  It was when a friend of mine asked me about how to begin a relationship with Jesus.  After I told him and was talking to him about it he said, “I want to commit my life to this.”  That was enough fruit for me to continue what I do for a long time.

I see God brining a lot together at this time which excites me as we move into this next year of ministry.  I’m grateful for all of you who have supported us financially and in prayer as you have joined us in this ministry.  I look forward to another year of being jaw-droppin amazed at what God is doing through this ministry.

Love, The Neels.

The Van

8 12 2009

We have been using a van from Christ Community Church to run our shuttle to the mountains each Saturday during the snowboard season.  This has proven to be one of the most beneficial ventures we have been able to do for a couple reasons.  One, we have had some incredible conversations about how God can be part of our lives in everything we do.  Two, we have had great chances to live out a life changed by God with the kids in a group.  Three, we have offered the kids an opportunity to escape the party scene on the weekends with a reason that gives them respect from their peers rather than be disrespected by their peers.

It has been all great until recently when we had to suddenly put everything on hold.  We were in a VERY MINOR fender-bender accident.  A truck slowly slid into us on icy roads and broke the tail light and bent the metal around the light.  He then continued sliding down the road far past us and then left making this a hit-and-run accident.  Problem being, this minor accident meant a new taillight and some body work around the light to hold it.  According to the insurance company, this totaled the van.  BUMMER!!!!

So here is where we are now.  We have the opportunity to purchase the van from the insurance company for $450 and repair it ourselves.  We don’t have to do the entire body work, just enough to get a working taillight in as cosmetics are not that important to us right now.  In addition, we will need to insure the van which will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $85 a month.

If we can get the van, get it repaired, and get it insured, we will be able to continue one of the most valuable ministry components we have going.  All of this for around $1500.  We have prayed about it and feel this is something God is leading us to pursue very quickly and with full force so we can get the snow shuttle running again.

With this in mind, please pray for us and let us know if you are able to help in anyway to get this piece of ministry back up and running so we don’t continue to lose ground in this area.  Thank you.

UPDATE:  So we have had all our prayers answered with this van deal.  We have the van, it got fixed by Abra Auto body and Glass for FREE, the title and license are taken care of and we have a supporter paying for the insurance each month.  We are very excited to be able to keep this piece of our ministry moving forward as it has allowed us serious doors into the families we serve.  Thank you.

Love, The Neels

The Snow Dome

30 04 2009

We are in the process of compiling a business plan to present to Redeemer Lutheran church as to the viability of the snow dome project. We have contacted a building project manager who is giving us consultation as to the steps we need to take for the building.

Well, the beginning for both of these projects is to get an architectural drawing of the building we would like to create. So we have been praying for a connection to someone who would be able to help us with this.

Well today as I sit at the YFC coffee bar during our open hours, the first customer of the day is a building planner. We got to speak about the snow dome project and before long we were looking at drawings and architecture from other snow domes and drawing our own ideas. He has now offered to do the initial design of the building for free as his contribution to God’s work in the snow dome. WOW!!

I am continually amazed at God’s provision and how he keeps brining just the right people at just the right time together to further his kingdom work. We serve an amazing Lord. Thank you for making it possible for me to be available to connect with these God ordained meetings.

Love, The Neels

Year end donations

5 12 2008

I put donations in the title just so you aren’t caught off guard.  But we are ending the year and we are aware of the fact some people wait till the end of the year to make the donations they are wanting to make.  We also know you are connected to some of these people and we aren’t.  So, here is our hope.  If you connect with someone looking for a year end donation and you like being part of this ministry, we ask for you to be the face of our ministry to your friends.  If you speak to someone you think would be interested in hearing about what we do, please share a bit about our ministry we do.  At that point, I would be happy to meet with them to give more details and the opportunity to join us.

Thank you so much for being a part of this ministry already and being a vital part of the fruit we get to see.

Love, The Neels