Year in Review



Dear Everyone who is checking this out. .  . welcome to our year-in-review.

For us, this year has brought a major change to our lives.  Jeff resigned his position at the church where he had been working for the past six or seven years to return in a more full capacity way to the skatepark (The Farm) and start a small church plant.  We prayed a lot about doing this and felt it was definitely the path to which God was calling us.  It has definitely been a step of faith, going from doing what we’ve always known to something different, stepping away from a community we’ve been a part of for years to a new one, going from a steady salary to missionary support, but it has been incredibly rewarding!  It’s the feeling of, “Ah ha!  This is what we’re definitely supposed to be doing!”  When you know, you know.  Our little church (called Unearthed) has more of the closeness and honesty I image God intended and the simplicity of more “doing” and doing together is beautiful.  Jeff and I have both experienced a new fullness in life and are loving it! (If you want to know more about it, please, please ask us questions and check out other posts on this blog.) 

photos by Acadia

photos by Acadia

 Acadia has also had a big year.  She turned 3, which is still one of the first things she herself will tell you.  She has mastered the big girl potty, started ballet classes at the rec center, and tried out skiing (just in the driveway but hey …).  She also got to be a flowergirl in our friends wedding and discovered that she is crazy about rock climbing.  We took a trip to Canyonlands this spring with the family and she proceeded to hike and climb everything she could, making her Grandmama (Mary) very nervous.  Cada is also in love with princesses, which she excitedly shouts with the slightest lisp anywhere we go that happens to have princesses anything . . . which these days seems to be EVERYWHERE.  The princesses seem to be replacing the Backyardagains which were her previous staple.  We have the privilege of having Josh and Lesley living with us this year and with that comes two of Cada’s favorite things, the Wii and Frodo (the chocolate lab).  Between leading Frodo around and carrying Morrow (our big orange cat), she keeps fairly busy.  She also enjoys learning and is doing her best to read . . . which she is not quite yet doing, but she’s really trying!  Round that out playing with all her dearly loved friends, and you have a pretty good picture of our darling girl.


As far as Jeff and I,  we’ve had a great year.  We got to go on the most amazing vacation ever with Josh and Lesley.  If you haven’t been to Maui, I highly recommend it.  It seriously was a week in paradise!!  We are running a shuttle to Keystone on Saturdays.  We decided we wanted to do something to help get into the snowboard culture here a little more, and what better way than driving people.  We’re also taking pictures and videoing people and will compile everything into a movie at the end of the season.  Just like we used to do back in the good old days with skating.  In conjunction with the shuttle, we are happy season pass holders again for the first time in three years.  Snowboarding is definitely close to both of our hearts, and it’s SO GOOD  to get to do it a little more regularly this winter.  Along the lines of snowboarding, we are also anxiously waiting to see where things go with the snowdome.  It’s crazy to imagine this huge dream that Jeff had six years ago may be on the way to fruition. A few other things, Jeff finally got his hunters safety and went bow hunting back in Iowa and I got my first real digital camera (can’t believe it took me this long).  I have continued my little side business of photography and graphic design.  One other little item, we are planning to start the adoption process this year and are currently figuring out where we want to get a kiddo from.  We feel fairly certain we want to adopt internationally, but other than that??  So basically,  it looks like the next year might bring some big changes as well, but seriosuly, vita e bella! (Life is beautiful!)


We really have appreciated all the unique and wonderful people in our lives this year and it is our prayer that God blesses you with life as beautifully as he as blessed us with life.

The Neels



3 responses

14 05 2008

You guys are awesome! Can’t wait to hear more!

2 06 2008

Just got my first chance to read through everything. I miss you guys so much! This is an idea I think will really take off and realize the body to people that have never seen it or never wanted to. It will also do amazing things for those of us searching continually for engagement in the growing greatness of His glory. Thanks for letting us in to help!

21 07 2008
Cathy Scofield

This sounds like such an awesome work you guys are doing! I will keep you in my prayers. Please keep me updated on both your work and your personal lives! Pics of Acadia would be really great to see!!! 🙂 God Bless!

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